Monday, April 30, 2001

Dear Diary,

I'm excited! I'm finally getting out of this hospitals! I really don't get why they moved me to Veterans. I'm not Veterans. Some people... Anyway, in the past two days, all they did to me was do some tests. We have these students coming in at all hours with rubber gloves. How many rectal exams do they have to do anyway?

But I'm happy to report I passed the tests with flying colors. Loi would be proud of me. See? I'm not stupid.

Anyway, I received word that the people from EDSA have moved to Malacanang. By gosh! Who are they going there huh? Who are they going? Sino pupuntahan nila dun? By golly, I told JV not to do that. Can't he remember simple instructions? Good thing his name has only 2 letters or else he will forget them. I wonder which side of the family he got his intelligence! Definitely not from my side!

I have to pack you now, Diary. They're ready move me to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. You know, this incarcerayson ... incarcenate ... incarci being in jail isn't all that bad. Imagine, they're bring me to Enchanted Kingdom! Yey!

Saturday, April 28, 2001

Dear Diary,

Looks like I will be having more time writing to you. It's been a terrible week, Diary. Terrible. It's one indignayshun...indignituin....indig...they've insulted me. Fingerprinte like a common criminal! They took my mugshot like I was an ordinary thief! Well I'm not! I was....I am...I'm...basta President ako.

Good thing my loyal friends are putting up a fight for me. I can hear them chanting all the way from the EDSA Shrine. "Sunduin si Erap" hehehe. It fattens my heart. Nakakataba ng puso. It's been three days since they've put me in this cell. May aircon nga wala naman mahjong table. Wala din TV. How do they expect me to live this way? The humiliation! Oh the discomfort! Walang bacalau! Walang red wine! Malakas humilik si Jinggoy di ako makatulog.

I miss Loi. I miss Laarni. et al. (Hoy hindi bagong tsiks yan si Et al means "and all the others." Nalaman ko yan nung nabasa ko yung isinampang kaso sa akin ng Ombudsman.)

Huhuhuhu...mga walang hiyang abogado yan. Kala ko pa naman magagaling. I thought they were good. Pati bahay gustong ipa aresto. They want a house arrest. Ang lalabo nila.

Anyway, I shall sleep and rest. Tomorrow is another day.

Ang pag asa ko na lang ay key FPJ para iligtas niya ako.