Monday, July 30, 2001

Dear Diary,

ha ha HA! Now that Gloria is having her "Arroyogate" as well. A bribery scam involving her husband. Let's see you dodge that one!

Of course, there isn't any direct evidence linking Gloria, or any direct evidence of any bribery to speak of. But that never stopped people before.

It's good to have friends in the senate. What a vigilante and vigorous opposition we have, in the tradition of that Recto guy. Exactly what this country needs!

And of course, my Loi is being tutored by that witc--- err, the distinguished Harvard seminar attendee and former senator Santiago, so I bet things are going to be exciting after all.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Dear Diary,

I just finished listening to that Gloria woman give the State of the Nation address. By golly! It was long. I don't know how she could stay standing up that long and speaking. In English pa. That's why my SONA were short.

She made a lot of promises ha. I lost track of it when I ran out of fingers to count with. I got a special mention in her speech. What a liar she is. She said she gave me a velvet glove. That wasn't true! I never saw no velvet glove. Tsaka...aanhin ko yun?

She's learning a lot from me. She brought out those kids from Payatas. How very showbiz! But did you notice? Gloria and the kids were of the same height! hehe.

My very good senators are of course present. They know what to do. Even though we didn't get the senate president seat, I'm sure they will be able to find a chair somewhere else.

I am so bored, diary. I miss my friends. I miss my wives...este wife.

Friday, July 13, 2001

Dear Diary,

My lawyers are asking for a "house visit of sorts" for me, since the courts does not want a house arrest. Damn good lawyers. Where do they come up with these radical new concepts for law and jurisprudential? They must be a genius like me.
Creative, creative. Lawyers AND artists!!! I choose well. Especially Saguisag and that Fortun kid. I see a bright future for them in politics.

Dear Diary,

Now they're picking on my lawyer. I might lose him. He's very good. Serafin Cuevas is a good name. He's like a know...Cuevas...parang Batcave. He He He. See? I still have my sense of rumor.

Saturday, July 07, 2001

Dear Diary,

Yes I want to have my trial on television. It might just jump start my career again.

And I'm still upset that the judge did not allow me temporary freedom to see my beloved wife take her oath as senator and to see JV take oath as mayor of San Juan.

I mean I like the argument of my lawyers. It is true that families get together in special occasions.

Imagine, if all my wives and children get elected to government, everyday would be a special occasion. Even if I am found guilty, I won't have to spend a day in jail. Ha!

I like my lawyers. They're smart like me.