Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Dear Diary,

i told my friend ping-pong lacson that since he can't refute the charges based on logic and evidents(yet), the trick is to call that corpus guy names. for example: he's a communist, for crying out loud. everybody knows communists are bad for you, so why should you believe someone who worships stanislavski? sheesh. this arroyo government is so stupid. this is a conspiracy between the rich makati businessmen and the NPA to discredit my opposition!

this is very bad for the country. soon we will have red flags and pictures of zhang ziyi everywhere. i've played this video game once where communists use giant monster squids and cloned soldiers. very bad indeed. and of course, it's all up to me to set things right. now if only i can get rid of those dang plunder charges...

Monday, August 06, 2001

Dear Diary,

darn that old fart Ople! he promised that he will unleash the guns of august on arroyo. as it turns out, our...er, his evidence is based on text messages! foiled by those elite yuppie texters again! he should have called it the "gums of august" because i don't think he has any real teeth left.

and of course, they're after me and my friend senator ping's multi-million dollar accounts as well. haven't they had enough digging into my local bank accounts already? it's fo unfair!