Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Dear Diary,

I hope people still remember me. All people talk about these days is that Been Laiden guy. Don't you knows I'm a has-been actor, has-been president fighting for my life and freedom here?

Everyone keeps talking about New War. Is it like Classic War without all that caffeine?

Anyway, I'm studying more and more about my lawyer's defense. Truly groundbreaking legal stuff: It doesn't matter whether I stole or not, THE POINT IS THAT THE LAW SAYING IT'S NOT RIGHT TO STEAL IS ILLEGAL (EVEN THOUGH I THOUGHT IT WAS OKAY WHEN I WAS A HOTSHOT SENATOR, AND SIGNED IT MYSELF). When all else fails, question constitutionallity. That's my style.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Dear Diary,

Too bad I can't call my good friend Dubya Bush from my cell anymore. My heart goes out to families of those who lost their lives in the attacks to the World Trade Center. It will take all our courage and vigilance to fight the spectre of global terrorism. I would also like to appeal to my dear citizens, to spare our Muslim brothers from any misguided acts of retribution. Such actions will only perpetuate this unfortunate cycle of hate.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Dear Diary,

I've been quiet busy lately, sorry I haven't been writing much to you. I've been studying this HTML kasi, and this program they call Frontpage (JV sent me a copy---from Greehills. I didn't know Microsoft had a factory there---the CD was so cheap!)

Anyways, what a concept this HTML is ha, you only markup markup like this and this and this. Markup is so intu...intwi...intitu...so natural for me. I like marking up even my government projects kasi.
Gosh, and I was able to put an image too, that nomination logo. I really must be a genius. I wonder if they will let me work in yehey. Haha! That was a hyperlink! With an http colon slash slash and all! Truly my own mind surprises even myself...

Hmm, I wonder...will the Sandiganbayan allow me to go to the Webby Awards?

Thursday, September 06, 2001

Deary Diary,

See my new lays out? It's my champagne color! Why?

Because I gots nominated! Wow. By golly, I'm nominated in the Philippine Web Awards. Thank so much. It's like winning a FAMAS only it's not for acting. I will be champagning again! For you to vote for me! Yes, it's good to be on the champagne trail! I'll woo visitors, pay off judges...er... I meant win the hearts of judges... While the lawyers are busy trying to get me off the hook, I'll be kissing babies, pressing flesh and delivering speeches. Yes!

Glory days are here again! By the time my friend ping-pong lacson gets to be president by 2004, I'll have a new career as webdesigner! mwahahahaha